Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services.

We recognize the drawbacks of expensive manpower given the prevailing state of the economy and the negative impact of both macro and micro-economic factors. We also recognize the advantages of a full-time accounting staff. However, we appreciate that sole proprietors and small companies may not have the volume of activities and resources to warrant the hire of a full-time accountant.

To deal with accounting-related work for the clients, in our firm we have therefore set up a specific department managed by highly qualified and experienced staff. Using highly recommended accounting software; the staffs perform bookkeeping and accountancy work independent of the audit department. The advantages of this are that clients:

• Do not have to incur the hardware and software costs;
• Have monthly and yearly accounts produced on time;
• Do not pay for idle time;
• Get services from highly qualified and experienced staff;
• Pay minimal amounts for high quality work.

Other extensions to these services include:

- Payroll Administration.
- PAYE Returns
. - NHIF Returns.
- NSSF Returns.
- VAT Returns.

In performing the above services we follow the laid-down statutory procedures, the relevant Acts and the applicable International Accounting Standards.

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