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External Audit

External Audit is at the heart of our practice. The firm prides itself on exceeding, rather than just meeting statutory requirements by assisting clients in achieving maximum efficiency and maximum return. Gachoka Lutukai & Associates (GLA) specializes in the provision of value added recommendations during the process of coming to an opinion on the soundness of financial statements, furthermore GLA provides clients with assistance in overcoming potential problem areas by addressing issues as they arise. GLA External Audit Division is supported by various specialist skills which include, Certified Information Systems Auditors, Treasury specialists, Tax Specialists and the Technical Department.

GLA provides ongoing training to all our professional staff, to keep them up to date with all the changes that take place in the Accounting, Auditing and Tax field. Our External Audit client base spreads across a variety of industries which include:- Commercial and Real Estate; Manufacturing ; NGO’s and Donor funded projects; Sacco’s, Pension and Provident funds; General Trading ; Education Institutions ; Pharmaceuticals ; Investment Holding, Professional Consultancy firms, etc .

Internal Audit

The increased awareness in both the private and public sectors of the importance of good corporate governance, effective risk management and internal controls, has resulted in a rapid growth in the demand for quality Internal Audit, Corporate Governance Reviews, risk and compliance services. GLA is geared to bring in the required skills, experience and capacity in co-sourcing with or outsourcing of an internal audit function. We draw on our firm’s wide specialist skills to bring a comprehensive solution to our clients. In addition to providing independent assurance on critical business processes, we strive to be strategic business advisors by focusing on continuous business improvement and assist you to achieve your business objectives.

We work with our clients’ management team and assist them by assessing the adequacy and monitoring the effectiveness of their internal controls, making recommendations on correcting deficiencies if necessary and providing an independent and valued opinion, assisting management in identifying the key strategic risks in their organization, assessing whether they have the appropriate policies, procedures and processes in place to mitigate these risks, alerting management to areas where they are particularly at risk and identifying opportunities to improve their levels of risk management. In a fully outsourced internal audit function GLA performs all internal audit activities which include risk assessment, audit coverage plans, fieldwork, communication and reporting to management and audit committee on a recurring basis. In co-sourced functions GLA increases the technical capacity of the client’s internal audit function and provides the necessary support to the Chief Audit Executive. In some cases GLA can second staff full time to clients to ensure that they have adequate capacity and to augment existing internal audit functions. The clients have a choice of taking responsibility for supervision of staff and all aspects of tasks performed, or they can obtain the full benefits of outsourced internal audit with the benefit of full time seconded staff.

Forensic Audit

GLA Forensic Services take a revolutionary approach to white-collar crime, expanding the scope of forensic accounting to include investigations into theft, fraud, corruption, moneylaundering and risk. Each investigation is different and requires specialized skills for a speedy and reliable outcome. We tailor-make our assignments to suitindividual needs and circumstances. Based on our experience of investigating financial fraud, we produce comprehensive reports addressing all areas of concern in accordance with an agreed mandate. These investigations often require using our in-depth industry knowledge and investigative experience. Our extensive experience enables us to assist with various investigations that the modern corporation might need to minimize risks or protect its reputation. Examples include screening of new employees, background checks on suppliers, and non-financial due diligence investigations or reputation checks on prospective business partners. We also conduct internal investigations into the conduct of company officials.

GLA can also assist companies to develop customized Code of Conduct and assist in the development and roll out of the Fraud Prevention Plans. Other services provided by our Forensic team of experts include:-

• Civil litigation issues, including shareholder disputes.

• Employee disciplinary hearings.

• Forensic due diligence.

• Tender application investigations.

• Insurance disputes.

• Services to regulatory bodies, including license application investigations.

• Money laundering investigations.

Taxation Consultancy Services

GLA has technical and specialized skills. We are committed to the delivery of quality service to clients. We are highly experienced professionals dedicated to a multi-disciplinary approach to individuals and businesses.

Our Tax Capabilities:

• General income tax planning and consulting

• Company and individual tax returns

• VAT and PAYE consulting

• Special Tax Opinions

• Responding to KRA queries

• Submission of Compliance Review findings to KRA

• Settlement negotiations with KRA

• KRA compliant tax structuring

GLA believes that 100% tax compliance is the only acceptable way to run a business. We understand however that due to complexities in tax legislation and practice, this goal is not easy to achieve for most taxpayers. Our experience will assist you in working hand in hand with KRA for voluntary compliance.

Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services

We recognize the drawbacks of expensive manpower given the prevailing state of the economy and the negative impact of both macro and micro-economic factors. We also recognize the advantages of a full-time accounting staff. However, we appreciate that sole proprietors and small companies may not have the volume of activities and resources to warrant the hire of a full-time accountant. To deal with accounting-related work for the clients, in our firm we have therefore set up a specific department managed by highly qualified and experienced staff. Using highly recommended accounting software; the staffs perform bookkeeping and accountancy work independent of the audit department. The advantages of this are that clients:

• Do not have to incur the hardware and software costs;

• Have monthly and yearly accounts produced on time;

• Do not pay for idle time;

• Get services from highly qualified and experienced staff;

• Pay minimal amounts for high quality work.

Other extensions to these services include: - Payroll Administration. - PAYE Returns. - NHIF - NSSF Returns. - VAT Returns.

In performing the above services we follow the laid-down statutory procedures, the relevant Acts and the applicable International Accounting Standards. Returns.

Information Technology Audit

Information Technology has a significant impact on corporate governance and the business processes of an organization. The Company’s Act requires Directors and Executive Officers.

• To administer effective systems of internal control.

• To ensure controls and processes in systems are evaluated and tested.

• Gives full responsibility for the total risk management process.

• Gives full responsibility for ensuring IT governance is based on sound principles. Boards of directors and executive officers are now clearly the focal point of corporate IT governance. At GLA we have a department specializing in IT governance and working closely with our IT partners to assist our clients achieving the above objectives through conducting system reviews. These reviews provide Audit Assurance to the Board of Directors that:

• Board requirements for IT governance are being met.

• IT decisions are in line with company’s business strategies and objectives.

• Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is met.

• Key IT processes are overseen effectively and transparently. • Significant IT investments are measured and monitored.

Other specialized assignments

1 Accounting Systems and Procedures set-up

We install a variety of accounting software and set up the accounting codes, operationalize the software and train the client’s accounting staff on the use of the software. In particular, we install Pastel Accounting, QuickBooks Accounting, Revelation Accounting and Sage Pastel among other software.

We install a variety of payroll software and set up the client’s payroll, do the coding, operationalize the software and train the client’s accounting staff on the use of the payroll software. We also - either from our offices or from the client’s - manage the payroll, manage and submit the statutory obligations on behalf of the client and file the year-end returns with the relevant authorities.

2 Payroll Software and Administration

We install a variety of payroll software and set up the client’s payroll, do the coding, operationalize the software and train the client’s accounting staff on the use of the payroll software. We also - either from our offices or from the client’s - manage the payroll, manage and submit the statutory obligations on behalf of the client and file the year-end returns with the relevant authorities.

3 Debt Management Consultancy

Though it is not among our key areas, we are often asked to give guidance on debt management. It is important to state at the onset that we do not undertake debt collection or even give advice on it. Our task is to give advice on and monitor levels of debt to and from the company, with a view to easing cash flow and improving the liquidity positions of clients, as well as helping them to make savings on interests and penalties.

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